Collegium Musicae Antiqvae Helsingiense

The Helsinki Early Music Society was founded in 1977 "to connect people with an interest in Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music together, to increase the range of interest in early music, and to distribute knowledge about early music". After years of miscellaneous efforts our activities have taken shape into the following forms:

Education: We organize early music courses and workshops. The most important of them is the summer course held annually in July. The course is intended for musicians of all skill levels and ages. More information of the summer course can be found on our Summer Course page.

Ensembles: Since 1982 we have maintained a permanent Renaissance ensemble for members interested in playing early instruments. Our ensemble is introduced on the CMAH Ensemble page. Since 2020 baroque orchestra Amore Barocco has joined us. It is open to everybody interested in playing baroque music. Members interested in founding an ensemble of their own can get support from the Society, for instance, in arranging performance opportunities. The support is provided on the condition that the group returns some part of their income to the Society.

Music library: We also maintain a lending library of early music. All members are free to borrow the notes and the books from the library. The library catalogue is on the Music Library pages (In Finnish only). Whenever the economic situation allows, we acquire new books or music to the library.

Concerts: We arrange performance opportunities for our members and other early musicians, usually in the form of a concert series. We also forward performance request to our members if required.

Events: We have a formal meeting once a year and some unofficial meetings and parties.

News: We publish a (e)newsletter whenever concerts, educational opportunities and other important events arise.

Cooperation with other organizations: We keep in touch with other early music organizations in Finland and abroad. If you have some form of cooperation in mind, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our staff consists of Markku Åberg (e-mail , phone +358 45 223 7970 ), president since 1977, and the board of members elected yearly at our annual meeting.

If you are not yet a member but would like to join, please follow these instructions.