Cappella Tibia

The CMAH ensemble was founded in 1982. Over the years the ensemble has consisted of many different instrument combinations, a chamber ensemble for Baroque music, a vocal-instrumental ensemble for medieval music, among others. At the moment, we have two ensembles: a Renaissance woodwind ensemble under the name Cappella Tibia (= woodwind ensemble) and a loud woodwind ensemble Inferno. Here are answers to some questions we are frequenty asked:

What instruments do you play?

The instruments we play are modern copies of Renaissance instruments. Capella Tibia uses different kinds of recorders, bowed string instrument and lutes. Occasionally, we have singing soloists, as well. Inferno's instruments are shawms, schalmeis, dulcians, a cornett, and a trombone.

What kind of music do you play?

Our music consists of dances, madrigals and polyphonic music, ricercars and fantasies, from the period between Middle Ages and early Baroque (1400 - 1650). You can find some of the music we play on the downloadable music page.

Who is playing and which instrument?

Our group consists of 6 - 7 more or less permanent members and in addition some people who play with us only now and then or just for a couple of years. The ensemble has been a starting point for many early musicians with national and international careers.

Where could I hear you?

We usually have 10 to 15 performances a year, most of them private occasions. We often accompany a Renaissance dance group "Hovinarrit" (= court fools).

May I join you?

We always welcome people who can already play or are anxious to learn to play some renaissance instrument and are willing to perform in all kinds of situations for free - all the income goes to the Early Music Society. If you are interested in joining us contact Markku Åberg at or by phone +358 400 709 468.