General information on the summer course

N.B. The fastest communication channel is our event page for the summer course in Facebook. All important information will be updated on these pages, as well, but there may be a slight delay. (You do not need to join FB to see the page. And while most of the discussion is in Finnish, you may ask any questions in English.)

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at everyone interested in performing early music. The participants have different backgrounds, including:

The youngest participants tend to be twelve or thirteen year old, but there are a lot of people in their fifties and over. There are no strict age limits at either end of the age range, but the participants must be able to make and follow their own schedule.

As the skill and instrument variety is rather wide, the course programme will always be tailored to suit the participants.

What is done during the course?

The participants will receive both private lessons on their own instrument and in ensembles. The ensembles receiving tuition will be created before the course by using the information given in the registration process. In addition to these "official" ensembles, less official ensembles will form during the course.

There are a few larger ensembles or orchestras where everyone can take part.

The course offers a unique opportunity to get to know new and rare early music instrument. A player of, e.g., chalumeau, shawm, or theorbo will be more than happy to tell more about his or her instrument to anyone interested.

The social life during the course is rather vivid, and the course is an excellent opportunity to get to know other like-minded people. The course spirit is traditionally open and relaxed.

Helsinki Early Music Society, Itä-Hämeen opisto